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When you’re looking for an outstanding place that’s both reputable and reliable when it comes to Canadian Addiction Rehabilitation solutions, you’ve found the right place by stopping here at our website at Addiction Canada. Our goal here is your total recovery from the ravages of drugs and alcohol and professional treatment for addiction.
We are your COMPLETE Addiction Recovery Solution!! 

When you need a complete addiction recovery solution, we’re the people you need to contact. Our directory listings are helping us to gain momentum in the industry. Addiction Canada has peer support right on site and that's just another one of our advantages. Not only are we looking after the needs of those afflicted including the family and friends, we also pride ourselves on being a resource centre for people looking to learn about addiction and rehabilitation. 

We pride ourselves on providing both contemporary and holistic cures for our clients. As part of our comprehensive package, we have a wide range of accommodations ranging from the basic to the more luxurious resembling something you might see in a resort. We have one location in cottage country right on the water in the Parry Sound area that has acres for fishing and canoeing and indoor amenities like a hot tub and gym facilities.

Here at Addiction Canada, we strive to be your one stop shop for healthy living and Freedom from Addiction.

You Have The Right To Change How Your Story Ends Now!
If you have a good friend that has been led down into a life of misery and depression through the abuse of drugs or alcohol, it’s time to steer them toward the ultimate treatment for addiction solution that will turn their fortunes around. We’re here to help convince them that a rehab program is the right path to freedom and a useful productive life. We can even help make the presentation of the whole idea of rehabilitation less emotional and therefore more appealing. 

Letting your friend know they are important and deserve a life free from alcohol and drugs is a good idea and something you should do with our help. We offer holistic services here at Addiction Canada and that’s why we’re a leading rehabilitation choice in Canada. Why not get in touch with us today?
We’re Here To Help Family Members Too
It has been said before that addiction is a family disease and we understand how hard it can be to see a loved one suffering through a dependence on drugs or alcohol. That's why we can offer the best services when it comes to family counseling, regardless of what part of the world the family members live in. We can offer the most up to date interventions designed to bring the afflicted person into treatment even when they are stuck in denial. Our professionals find it best if the family members work together with our experts to get the person the help they need.

We like to think of our methods as the three E approach and the cornerstones of that are Exclusive, Effective and Excellent services. We offer both top flight services for the person in need as well as the family members who are suffering alongside that person. Get in touch with us today so we can start the process with an intervention session.
Addiction Canada Is For Physicians Too
We’re also a place that physicians who are familiar with the ravages of addiction and are dedicated to treating it will find attractive. We have an expert staff that are highly committed and dedicated to all different manners of addiction to a number of different substances. These professionals at our various locations are very familiar with contemporary as well as more traditional procedures.  

All of our addiction recovery procedures are tailored to each individual case and we are very proud of the fact we have the best success rate and the lowest relapse numbers in Canada. We welcome any and all physicians to come and see our outstanding facilities and outstanding treatments.
Our assessment procedure will lead you to one of our addiction recovery treatment facilities and afterward you’ll even get the benefit of our 10 month aftercare program that will ensure you start a new life of continuous and joyous recovery. Here at Addiction Canada, we have the experienced people that can help you rebuild your life and relationships. Working with our treatment programs, you’ll have increased energy levels, rebuilt relationships with family and friends and a new outlook on life that will put you on the path to healing all the damage done in the past.

Remember our treatment programs are tailored to individual needs. While you’re on the path to total addiction rehabilitation, you’ll get the full benefit of holistic and other wellness activities that include nutritional meals and psychological and even massage therapies. We have one of the highest success rates in the country and our procedure starts with an intervention session to help him or her understand the complexity of their problem.
Do you have a friend with a substance abuse problem?
Here’s what we can offer you.
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• Some of the best statistics when it comes to Addiction Recovery success in Canada.

• On staff full-time Certified & Licensed Professional Addiction therapists, counselors AND Psychotherapists.

• Resident Fulltime Psychologists and Psychiatrists that specialize in Addiction Concurrent Disorders.

• A FULL Medical Detox facility with REAL Doctors and Nurses on site 24/7 to Safely and Comfortably detox you from drugs and alcohol As Well As being one of the only facilities that detoxes and treats METHADONE Addiction. We SPECIALIZE in FULL Medical Opiate Detoxification and are number one in Canada for this full service.

• Canada's #1 Pain Management Doctor on staff specializing in Addictions.

• A fully certified organization, registered with and members of NAATP, NNMH, CPHA, GAA and APAC and where our Clinical, Medical and Therapitic staff members are Certified and Licensed through the CPO, CSAM, ACA, AMA, CCPA, ICF, CCPC and CACCF as well as becoming fully accredited in Canada to ensure you are putting your life into the hands of FULLY LICENSED & CERTIFIED treatment professionals.

• A program that isn’t medical by nature and doesn’t use other drugs to keep you off your current addiction. We DO NOT believe in DRUG for DRUG therapy as a resolution.

• A Guarantee that covers all the addiction recovery treatment programs we offer.

• A full service addiction platform that’s rare in Canada.

• An online family program dealing with addiction recovery for ALL Families of our Clients where ever in Canada or the world they might be.

• We are the LARGEST "fully private" treatment organization in the country.
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• Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT)

• Transtheoretical Model - Stages of Change

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Addiction Treatment

• Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

• Modified Dynamic Group Therapy (MDGT)

• Talk Therapy

• Psychotherapy incl Supportive-Expressive Psychotherapy (SE)

• Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

• Twelve-Step Facilitation (TSF)

• One on One Therapy (with Therapists and Psychologists/Psychiatrists)

• Family Therapy

• Life Skills

• Anger Management

• Humanistic and Existential

• Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

• Trauma Therapy (Treating PTS)

And many other therapies included and used in one on one setting
Many Different Treatment Therapy Modalities including:
Our professional doctors in conjunction with our psychologists treat PTSD and many social phobias and anxiety disorders with our patented Addiction Canada Desensitization Psychotherapy program.