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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Glendon

A very Large treatment centre that also offers a Fully licensed hospital/clinic on site for the very best full medical detox in the country Specializing in Opiate and Methadone detox. Offering a full Holistic Addiction treatment program that starts with full psychological assessment followed by a most one on one Addiction therapy program in the country – The country’s best separate and private medical detox unit


9 male beds
7 female beds

Treatment Program
26 male beds
8 female beds
Shared accommodations. Equipped with television, satellite and storage for clothing and belongings.
-Separate and private bathrooms
-Side spray shower room and Sauna.

Medical Detox
-A locked medical detox unit
-A fully licensed hospital and clinic.
-Round the clock nursing care
-Fulltime Addiction Physicians
-Access to a physician 7 days a week (on call after hours)
-Access to pain management specialist
-Access to any outside appointments as needed (ex. Chiropractor, eye specialist etc..)
– Private eating area.

– Sauna, exercise room on site.
– Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, art therapy
– Soccer, baseball
– Fire pit
– Offsite Activities

– 6 acres of land
– In the Village of Glendon Alberta
– Cafeteria/lunchroom
– Fire pit
– Garden

– A full medical team. Including; physicians, Nursing staff 24/7
– 12 Addiction specialized counsellors and therapists
– Psychologist, Psychotherapist
– Master chef
– House keeping
– Massage Therapist
– Activities Coordinator