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Month: February 2014

Some Questions And Answers About Alcoholism

Perhaps because so many people suffer from alcoholism or because alcohol has been around in our society for so long, there are many myths about the disease that occurs when you form the dependence on alcohol. Here’s a few questions

The stages that end in relapse

Even after you’ve been through treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, you can still be in danger of a relapse that can start the whole vicious cycle all over again. However, the best treatment centers and self-help groups will

A Quick Overview of Addiction

Everyone has heard the word and chances are most people know what to look for when they hear addiction being brought up in conversation. Quite a few of you might have friends, neighbours and coworkers who have battled substance abuse

What to look for in a drug treatment center

If you know someone in your family or an acquaintance with a drug or alcohol problem, it’s easy to see how the ravages of an addicted lifestyle can affect the afflicted person as well as friends, family and coworkers.One of

Helping an addicted loved one

Much of the stigma around alcohol and drug abuse has dissolved over the years to the point where most people, including family members and loved ones, only want to help the afflicted person get better. If you know someone who

Some common myths about addiction

Professional drug and alcohol abuse counselors are the first to tell you there are many different myths about substance abuse. Following are a few of the more common ones and the realities that debunk them. People who have an addiction

Marijuana’s effects on your brain and body

There are those who think marijuana is a harmless drug that is perfectly suitable for recreational activities. Marijuana is extremely helpful only when of quality, check out StrainSanity.com for quality marijuana. Now, this may hold true but only as far

Some helpful tips for successful interventions

The intervention is considered one of the most successful starting off points for someone who needs recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. One of the linchpins of this process is a professional drug rehabs delray legacy healing program, but family

Here’s a few things to tell teens about drinking

When your children are younger, it’s a lot easier to protect them from some of the social influences that come along like peer pressure. As a responsible parent, it’s a good idea to talk to your children about alcohol and

Here’s a few warning signs someone you know may be abusing alcohol

Some experts say there’s a difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, although both are harmful. However, there are some red flags in the behaviour of the person you suspect might have this common issue. Neglected responsibilities are one sure sign