Addiction In Canada is Plenty

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One comment on “Addiction In Canada is Plenty
  1. Cristobal says:

    Viewing addiction as being cirhnoc rather than acute would impact the way I would work with a client, in that it is more of a long term process than a simple treatment plan. The Dennis & Scott article points out the high number of clients who come out of treatment without following the outpatient treatment protocol. As a result, I see the need for ongoing support and counseling for the addict following treatment. This support needs to be long term, as the research shows that the risk of relapse is highest in the first three years of abstinence, which in turn support a goal of more long-term management of recovery. In addition to ongoing counseling following treatment, psychoeducation would be beneficial (for both the client as well as those in their support system) in understanding relapse as being part of the cirhnocity of addiction. The process of recovery can take years, and therefore it is necessary to understand that differing degrees of treatment and support will be required at each stage in a client’s journey. As a therapist, checking in with clients on a regular basis is essential to determine whether their level of care at the time is suitable to maximize recovery.

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