Addiction Canada Daily Aug 20, 2015

Within you lies a power greater than what lies before you

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One comment on “Addiction Canada Daily Aug 20, 2015
  1. Rosana says:

    Understanding that addiction is cohinrc rather than acute has and would help me be even more encouraging and hopeful towards my client. Knowing that they will have relapses and it will be a life long struggle will help better inform how I view the client’s success in therapy. Success will look different to each individual client, and for some it will not mean they stop using forever. The client may have lapses and that is a normal and ok thing. Helping the client to eventually understand that lapses (and even relapse) will happen and that they can learn from them can help the client feel less negative and guilty about slipping up. Working with the viewpoint of addictions as cohinrc I believe can be very powerful for both myself as the therapist and the client (even the client’s friends and family). It is powerful because to often clients feel bad about themselves for not just being able to stop, and society perpetuates this negative energy. Helping the client to understand addictions as cohinrc can help reduce these negative feelings.

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