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John Haines Rehab is the right Choice for you and your family.

John Haines Rehab is the source for your answers to Addiction Solutions http://www.johnhainesrehab.ca/ Why take John Haines Rehab into your life and know you are in trusted hands? Its very simple to understand the passions of John Haines and his

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Addiction In Canada is Plenty

Yes having genuine qualities is what matters www.addictioncanada.ca the quality of life is what you give that cost nothing and is classified from the heart

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Addiction Canada Empowerment (ACE) Program

There are many modalities and programs of addiction recovery. That proposition is in many ways unfounded and without success. Yet these modalities and programs have not been fully mapped out; their existence and diversity have not been broadly communicated to

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Addiction Canada moves upward

They say get out of self……appreciate others and you will appreciate yourself www.addictioncanada.ca we need to be responsible for our own recovery but we need to help others find recovery too

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What Does “Behavioral Undercontrol” Mean?

It probably makes sense that based on patterns of behavior it’s possible to predict future behaviors or pathology.  The term behavioral undercontrol refers to a wide range of behavior that is expressed during childhood (and beyond) which reflects inhibited behavioral

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AA Saved My Life and I Get Why You Hate It

The absolute last place I wanted to end up was in Alcoholics Anonymous. It was, I knew, a place for the dregs of society—chain-smokers who drank black coffee and pined for the good old days when they could drink. I

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Is Addiction a Habit or a Choice?

This is a popular debate among treatment professionals. Some say those who engage in substance abuse are in complete control of their actions. That’s the “choice and personal responsibility” theory. Others disagree. They feel the substance abuser has no control

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Is Your Drinking Putting You at Risk?

About half of those who find themselves in the emergency room following an accident or injury have one thing in common: Alcohol is in their system. And of that number, about 10% will be back at the same hospital within

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Addiction Canada Daily

Conscious is when you are aware of something, and conscience is when you wish you weren’t. we find that growing a conscience is something that addiction recovery does to someone. We grow conscience when we recover from the ravages of

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Addiction Canada Quote Aug 22, 2015

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

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Addiction Canada Quote Aug 21, 2015

Silent gratitude isn’t very much use to anyone

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Addiction Canada Quote Aug 19, 2015

One person with a BELIEF is equal to a force of a THOUSAND who ONLY have INTERESTS

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Addiction Canada Daily Quote Aug 18, 2015

Most people want to improve themselves, but not too many are willing to work at it

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Addiction Canada Daily Quote Aug 17, 2015

In order for a goal to be effective, it must effect change

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Addiction Canada Inc and The Correct Thought

At least part of the addiction cycle that many suffer with has it roots in what’s been called stinking thinking.  It’ s important to remember how valuable Addiction Canada Inc facilities are to a complete recovery and dislodging some of

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